It all started back in 2012 when I traveled alone to Le Corazon de Sud America (the heart of South America) to a country called Paraguay, on the border of Brazil and Argentina. This foreign land became my home for a year along with all of the local customs. The saying goes "when in Rome do as" and it seemed as if everyone was rockin' a gnarly beard except my smooth babyface. 
   Over time I developed a close relationship with my barber Antonio and he schooled me to the ins and outs of the beard game. What to use, what to stay away from, how to stimulate growth and fill in the patches. 
   Long story short, eight months, and a lot of growth, I was on my way back to the Motherland(Canada) with a biblical beard and a plan for the sauce. It took a little longer than expected but with a great beard comes great responsibility. Thus came the creation of the sauce, and with it the drip...

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